CZN Burak Ozdemir is back at Dubai Mall with a New Restaurant.

  • Dec. 29, 2022
CZN Burak Ozdemir is back at Dubai Mall with a New Restaurant.

After opening the first CZN Burak at Boulevard Point, the internet-famous chef created CZN Burak Burger in Dubai Mall, which was an unusual location.

Diners were startled by gigantic (like massive) burgers. Huge burgers that must be sliced like a pizza. CZN Burak Burger subsequently ceased operations in Dubai Mall and relocated to Dubai Hills Mall.

Now, the chef whose eyes gaze directly into your soul via your phone's screen has launched CZN Burak Gurme at that location. The restaurant offers a combination of current and traditional Turkish flavors.

The menu at CZN Burak Gurme will include a variety of breakfast choices served all day, doners, burgers, Turkish mezze, and a unique selection of speciality coffees.

The age of Burak AR filters has arrived.

The restaurant ensures that customers record every minute of their dining experience by providing Instagrammable backdrops and augmented reality (AR) filters that enable diners to shoot selfies with a virtual figure of chef Burak.

With two restaurants in the same square kilometre, it is hoped that the celebrity's allure is strong enough to attract consumers to both establishments.