Cutting-Edge PET Lines from Sidel Strengthen Production Capabilities for IFFCO Group in the Middle East

  • July 11, 2023
Cutting-Edge PET Lines from Sidel Strengthen Production Capabilities for IFFCO Group in the Middle East

By establishing Sidel's full PET lines in the UAE and a new plant in Iraq, the international IFFCO Group, with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, is increasing the capacity of its condiment manufacturing.

IFFCO Group has given Sidel complete control over the turnkey line project in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness. The whole line has been built by Sidel, who is known for offering end-to-end solutions, around their best-selling machinery, which is carefully positioned at each key step of the packing process.

The IFFCO Group improves the lives of millions of consumers and customers across the world with a comprehensive selection of top FMCG brands and a variety of industrial solutions and services. The IFFCO Group, which operates in more than 100 countries, serves clients via 80+ brands and employs more than 15,000 people in 49 countries, has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the fields of innovation, practicality, and sustainability. The IFFCO Group adopted local manufacturing and opened their first facility in Baghdad, which is devoted to making premium condiments, in response to the rising consumer needs in Iraq.

With the objective of boosting production capacity across the region, Sidel's cooperation has been crucial in offering a complete and top-tier solution for both the site in Iraq and the IFFCO group facility in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. Up to 9,000 bottles per hour (bph) may be produced on these lines, which also have the adaptability to handle three different bottle designs, two cap alternatives, and three label variants. Enhanced overall efficiency has been attained via the integration of Sidel's cutting-edge technology and the efficient use of individual assets.

The compact blow/fill/cap Combi solution, which incorporates Serac's precise weight filler, benefits the upstream portion of the line. The preferred heating method used by the Combi's blowing component further optimizes PET dispersion while enabling the asymmetrical stretching required to blow flat and curved containers.

Later on, the bottle integrity is helped by the AQFlex smooth contactless collection and conveying system as it moves from the Combi to the labeller, guaranteeing the container quality is at its best when it reaches retailer's shelves. The Cermex WB46 case packer is exceptional for secondary packing because it can guarantee excellent case squaring and hot melt sealing despite the minimal counterpressure produced by the curved bottles within the wrap-around outer packaging. The reasonably priced RoboAccess robotic palletiser, which has a unique grasping tool capable of handling cases, interlayers, and pallets, then provides end-of-line efficiency.

Organizationally, Sidel and the IFFCO Group have similar values and market positioning. The two businesses are dedicated to providing goods of excellent quality and to supporting a variety of sectors, including sauces and dressings, edible oils, food, and personal care. Promoting sustainability across their operations is a major area of attention for both organizations.

"The project management was commendable, and our collaboration proved effective in overcoming challenges," remarked Andrey Dribny, CEO of IFFCO Group - Culinary. Through our partnership with Sidel, we have access to their flawless service, steadfast dependability, and great quality, all of which are essential to our everyday operations. Regardless of place, circumstances, or market sector, Sidel's extraordinary capability enables them to effortlessly satisfy IFFCO's needs.

Sidel has also assisted IFFCO Group in revamping their present bottle line, conserving the essence and upholding the tradition oftheir famous design, but with a goal to contemporizing it. Convenience and sustainability are two significant trends for condiments packaging. The three distinctive new bottle designs were created with a focus on minimizing environmental effect and making them simple to carry for customers. Additional light-weighting measures have been implemented, and r-PET use options have also been examined.

"We are committed to embracing sustainability and going beyond light-weighting efforts," Mr. Dribny said in his conclusion. We are confident in Sidel's leading role in this industry and see the promise of r-PET as the future. To find our way ahead, we shall thus depend on their technical assistance, wisdom, and experience.