Coffee and Innovation: the most prominent global coffee experts will gather at the summit Trieste Coffee Experts hosted by Bazzara

  • Sept. 11, 2023
Coffee and Innovation: the most prominent global coffee experts will gather at the summit Trieste Coffee Experts hosted by Bazzara

Trieste Coffee Experts is an event organized by Bazzara, a historic family-run roastery located in Trieste, which - through discussions between the leading experts of the Italian and international coffee scene - aims to promote networking activities and create new tools and strategies for the dissemination of quality coffee culture through an analysis of its future. Since its first successful edition in 2014, this summit has taken place every two years in one of the symbolic cities of coffee: Trieste, which thanks to its long history rich in literature, traditions and a conspicuous coffee sector of great excellence is considered the "Italian city of coffee". The event takes place over two days of speeches and discussions in the wonderful spaces offered by the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel - Starhotels Collection, which allows all speakers and guests to savor the charm of this border city, crossroads and meeting point of peoples and cultures.

The Trieste Coffee Expertswas born from a deep need for space and discussion opportunities for the sector operators to talk about the present and the future of coffee. The summit was therefore created to open a dialogue by bringing together the greatest personalities of the sector and of the Italian and international coffee scene to overcome the challenges of the future. It all stems from the perhaps most significant characteristic of the brothers Franco and Mauro Bazzara, respectively President and CEO of the company: offering and promoting cultural and networking activities uniting the world of coffee, with the awareness that joining forces is essential to achieve common success.

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 edition of the summit has turned into an exclusive book,CoffeExperts, written by the brothers Marco and Andrea Bazzara, respectively Q Grader and Academy Director of the Bazzara Academy, and company Sales Manager. However, precisely because Bazzara strongly believes in sharing the Made in Italy culture, which inevitably includes the "ritual of espresso coffee"; this year the coffee experts will gather at a round table. Some of the main personalities of the coffee sector and beyond will focus their dialogue mainly on the future of coffee, oriented towards innovation and sustainability: a fundamental theme in a constantly evolving world. "Future Coffee: Innovation & Sustainability Oriented" will be the title of the 2023 edition of Trieste Coffee Expert; the first day of the summit will be dedicated to workshops, while during the second day significant speeches will be given by important personalities concerning the culture, innovation and digital transition of coffee. Industry 5.0, blockchain within the coffee supply chain, circular economy and the fight against climate change stand out among the hottest topics of the program. Not only Italy will benefit from the event, as this 6th edition, just like the previous ones, will be live-streamed abroad in English and Italian on the websites and social media channels of media partners in different countries for coffee professionals and enthusiasts to enjoy.

Trieste Coffee Experts 2023 promises well, considering the great success achieved in October during its preview event featuring big names such as Massimo Renda, President of Caffè Borbone, Michele Cannone and Edoardo Cucco, respectively Global Brand Director and Brand Manager of Lavazza, Giuseppe Biffi, Digital Enterprise Manager of Siemens and Luigi Morello as President of IEI - Istituto Espresso Italiano, and many others. Anticipating great news, many speakers have also been reconfirmed for the event which will take place in November; among these we can count on the presence and support of Lavazza Group, Simonelli Group, Siemens, BWT, Brita, Accenture and Slow Food Coalition, only to name a few.

The main goals of Trieste Coffee Experts are to discuss the primary issues encountered by the Italian coffee sector, to explore the novelties of the national and international market, and above all to identify the best strategies to face the challenges that the sector presents in unity, thereby countering the great fragmentation affecting the associations active on the territory.

Nowadays everything revolves around the topic of "sustainability", a theme on which lies the focus of the development and research departments of forward-looking companies that want to innovate with the aim of obtaining a competitive advantage in commercial terms, and at the same time generating well-being for the entire ecosystem within which they operate, thus guaranteeing the foundation for looking to the future with confidence and serenity. This year, the speeches by executives of leading companies in the sector will therefore allow us to look at the future of coffee; a future characterized both by digital habits and the attention to new and lost values.