Celebrate UAE National Day with Barakat's new ghaf collection, drawn from the UAE's national tree.

  • Dec. 1, 2022
Celebrate UAE National Day with Barakat's new ghaf collection, drawn from the UAE's national tree.

Barakat, the homegrown fresh juice brand in the UAE, unveiled its brand-new Ghaf line, which comprises the Ghaf smoothie and the Ghaf shot, in honor of UAE National Day.

Barakat has just released the Ghaf collection, which features the indigenously produced hero ingredient, Ghaf leaves extract, to celebrate the innovative spirit of the young in the United Arab Emirates. This selection includes a smoothie created with all-natural, regional ingredients such as Ghaf leaves and camel milk, in addition to a shot made with Ghafleaves and green apple juice.

The Ghaf tree is also the national tree of the United Arab Emirates, and the nation's founding father, Sheikh Zayed, appreciated it for its cultural, historical, and ecological importance. The indigenous tree has been shown to be drought-resistant and able to live in difficult desert settings. Ghaf leaves and pods have traditionally been a source of sustenance during famines due to its extraordinary nutritional and therapeutic characteristics. The Ghaf has become an intrinsic part of the lives of all UAE citizens and residents, representing an example of tolerance and a symbol of stability and peace in the UAE.

Salma Alzaabi, an Emirati inventor, presented a technique for extracting the essence of Ghaf leaves without harming the trees at the UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group-organized and Khalifa Fund-funded Innovation lab 2.0. Salma, who has successfully collaborated with Barakat on the joint invention, said, "The Ghaf tree offers a multitude of medicinal advantages and is used to support intestinal health. For me personally, the Ghaftree evokes fond childhood memories of winter camping trips with my family close to a Ghaf tree in search of shade provided by its leaves.

Not only does the Ghaf tree have amazing therapeutic capabilities, but it also has a distinctive flavor, and its incomparably sweet but sharp taste makes the whole spectrum palatable to everyone.

Mr. Rashid Mohamed Alabbar, Board Member of Barakat, explains, "Innovation is one of Barakat's key principles and our means of contributing to the UAE's aim of being the global innovation powerhouse. In accordance with our mission to feed our customers and our nation's aspirations, we endeavor to deliver the freshest, highest-quality items in the most inventive manner imaginable.

Today, Barakat is the most recognized provider of fresh fruit in the nation, supplying prominent hotels, retail chains, airlines, and other places. By providing high-quality fruits and vegetables, fresh juices produced daily, and biodegradable packaging, Barakat, whose name translates to "blessings" in Arabic, gives back to the environment while feeding the local population. Barakat has established itself as a trusted brand in terms of consistency in taste, confidence in quality, and innovation, with a robust global and local supply chain supplying the freshest ingredients from the UAE and over 50 other countries.