Amar Restaurant Introduces the Rich Flavors of Lebanon to Jeddah

  • Dec. 28, 2023
Amar Restaurant Introduces the Rich Flavors of Lebanon to Jeddah

Renowned Lebanese restaurant, Amar, has unveiled its inaugural branch in Saudi Arabia, strategically positioned in Jeddah's bespoke Jeddah Walk on Tahlia Street. Presenting a fusion of contemporary design, refined ambiance, and unparalleled Lebanese cuisine, the restaurant introduces a distinctive element known as "The Cloud." Crafted by international artist Jacopo Foggini, this artistic masterpiece incorporates dreamy, colorful lighting within a polycarbonate structure, adding an enchanting touch to the dining experience.

The restaurant's opening was commemorated with an event hosted by Yasser Sharbatly, Vice Chairman of Al-Nahla Group and Chairman of the hospitality and hotels sector, along with Hassan Sharbatly, CEO of Al-Nahla Hospitality, and Karl Atallah, CEO and founder of the Amar restaurant chain. The inauguration drew a diverse audience, including businessmen, local dignitaries, social media influencers, and media representatives who indulged in the premium hospitality provided by Amar.

Yasser Sharbatly emphasized the significance of the food and beverage sector in Saudi Arabia, stating, "The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is an ambitious one that aims to achieve comprehensive development in various fields, including raising the quality of life for citizens. We are pleased to be part of that growth as the F&B market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to grow significantly."

Hassan Sharbatly expressed excitement about opening the first branch of Amar in Saudi Arabia, confident that Amar will redefine the luxury dining experience in the heart of Jeddah.

Karl Atallah added, "We are extremely delighted to witness Amar open its doors in Jeddah. Along with our partner Al-Nahla Hospitality, we are committed to offering our customers genuine Lebanese hospitality. We are delighted to be the latest addition to the vibrant dining scene of Saudi Arabia."

Amar promises a meticulously designed culinary journey, blending classic Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist. Each dish reflects careful ingredient selection and skillful preparation, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every guest. The visually appealing presentation of food pays homage to the rich legacy of Lebanese aesthetics.

Amar represents the inaugural venture of Al-Nahla Hospitality, a segment of the Al-Nahla Group renowned for pioneering and innovating in the Saudi hospitality industry. Dedicated to introducing fresh global culinary trends to Saudi Arabia, Al-Nahla Hospitality envisions expanding its footprint in the hospitality sector by 2024, introducing prestigious brands, including restaurants of the Moma Group — Manko, Noto, Café Laperouse, and Mimosa.