Abu Dhabi's first FacePay store opens.

  • Nov. 14, 2023
Abu Dhabi's first FacePay store opens.

As the leading consumer technology company in the Mena area, Astra Tech, opens B Store at Sky Tower, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, today, the retail scene in the UAE Capital undergoes a historic change.

Using cutting-edge AI technology and cloud services, the innovative convenience store uses FacePay to provide a fully self-serve buying experience. Customers can purchase culinary products including bread, coffee, juice, condiments, and snacks and pay with just a facial scan.

According to Valeriya Thores, E-Commerce Director at Astra Tech, the trip gives customers a taste of what the future of retail will look like. "B Store represents the future of retail," she stated.

"This cutting-edge fusion of facial recognition technology revolutionises conventional shopping practises, providing unmatched ease and security. Your face serves as your wallet at B Store. We are dedicated to making daily tasks easier for our clients, and this is a big step in that regard," she continued.

Customers are greeted with a screen that reads, "Tap or Scan to Enter," and are given the choice to pay using a card reader by tapping their bank card or FacePay, according to an Astra Tech representative who talked with Khaleej Times. Customers will need to download the app in order to register if they plan to use FacePay.

Customers will only need to touch their cards on the POS terminal to make card payments; to use FacePay, they will need to walk over to the device and just glance at it. The gates open, letting customers into the store, as soon as the preferred payment method is chosen.