Abi Brought the Next Generation of Plant Foods Foodgital to the Middle East.

  • Dec. 20, 2022
Abi Brought the Next Generation of Plant Foods Foodgital to the Middle East.

Abi, the largest producer of ready-to-eat foods, introduced Foodgital, a new generation of plant-based goods, in the Middle East.

Abi introduced to the Middle East the Foodgital range of plant products from the "Goryachata shtuchka" brand. Product demonstrations were held in Riyadh as part of the Saudi Agriculture 2022 international agricultural show.

At the expo, for the first time, the renowned brand "Goryachaya shtuchka" introduced its best-selling plant-based goods, including chebupels and chebureks, as well as its most popular meat products, nuggets and cutlets. The Foodgital range amuses with a flavor that is as near to meat analogues as possible, while also providing consumers with all the benefits of plant-based goods. Foodgital's "Chebupels," "Nuggets," and "Chebureks" are completely prepared and just need heating in the microwave or oven. Each product may be used as a distinct course that pairs well with any garnish.

For the production of Foodgital innovations, only natural plant proteins derived from chickpea, garden pea, and wheat are utilized; as a result, the products are a source of strength and sustained energy.

Foodgital are plant-based goods of the next generation that have been created in their whole by Abi specialists, from ingredient selection to manufacturing technique. Foodgital's plant-based protein products are priced comparably to their meat-based counterparts due to the company's proprietary technology, which enabled the development of a market-unique offering. It should be mentioned that the majority of Foodgital's raw ingredients are sourced from Russia.

Abi specialists are now negotiating the delivery of the Foodgital new-generation plant product line with a number of significant Middle Eastern firms with whom business relations were created during the "Saudi Agriculture 2022" expo. With the top trade networks and major distributors from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, export is addressed.

Denis Matrosov, Director of the Department of Marketing, Abi:

"We would like to highlight the success of Foodgital's innovative plant-based products, which were introduced on a worldwide scale. We are certain that they will also be well received by users on the Russian market.

We place a significant value on the possibilities of the business relationships forged during the "Saudi Agriculture 2022" expo; we discovered that Middle Eastern partners are interested in Abi goods and brands.

Participation in an event of this magnitude unquestionably enables a reevaluation of our capabilities and serves as motivation for continued growth. Abi intends to continue her market research, including participation in the top international agro-industrial events.

The 39th International agricultural show "Saudi Agriculture 2022" had more than 450 exhibitors from 45 nations, including 11 national expositions. The Russian delegation at "Saudi Agriculture 2022" consisted of 250 individuals from 55 local producers-exporters of agricultural goods. Over the course of the four-day show, 382 business-to-business (b2b) meetings were held amongst exporters, with an estimated value of more than 21 million US dollars.

Saudi Agriculture has a long and storied history, and will be hosted for the 39th time in 2022. This exhibition is sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Environment, Water Resources, and Agriculture and is a significant agricultural event for Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East.

Principal statistics and data pertaining to Saudi Agriculture include an exhibition space of over 15,000 square meters, over 400 exhibitors, and over 17,000 attendees.

Abi is the top Russian manufacturer of convenient and simple-to-cook foodstuffs. Abi is the market leader in all categories of availability in the RF, according to consumer panel GfK data: "sausages and sausage products," "frozen semi-products," and "frozen completely ready products1." Three contemporary facilities in the Russian Federation are devoted to the manufacturing of food items for consumers with varying taste preferences. Abi's brand portfolio includes "Vyazanka," "Goryachaya shtuchka," "Bavarushka," "Starodvorye," and "Yadrena kopot." The company's distribution network reaches almost all areas of the Russian Federation, the republics of the Customs Union - Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus - and Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. More than 140 million Russians have access to the business's offerings.*